On February 12th, 1949, 15 Casper businessmen came together to form the Casper Petroleum Club:
Zach Brinkerhoff Jr       Robert D. Curren
D.D. Varnell              Walter Davis
J.W. Gillespie             Charles W. Wadell
H.O. English              T.C. Tonkin
M.E. Tate                 R.N. Gadbois
Ed Catron                Fred Goodstein
T.H. Harder               Art Culver
Robert Laughin

Their purpose was to “aid the industrial and productive interests of the State of Wyoming.”

  Since that time the Casper Petroleum Club has built a solid reputation of serving Wyoming’s business community, serving those who make an impact on Wyoming’s economy. The Casper Petroleum Club is ‘the place where deals are made,’ where the challenges and opportunities of Wyoming are met head-on in an atmosphere designed for a variety of social events. The Club’s elegant décor combined with the energy, success, and drive of its membership reflects the true Wyoming spirit.

  The Casper Petroleum Club’s Board of Directors invites anyone over 21 years of age involved in the business, social, and economic development of Casper to become a member of Wyoming’s finest business social club. Your membership will put you among a unique membership of individuals whose contributions to the community are an example of the effort and commitment of our forbearers.

Veronica Schafer
General Manager

Chef Richard
Chef Joshua
Board Member Information Coming Soon